Make Space Zine is an exploration of the creative spaces of womxn and nonbinary artists, makers, movers, and shakers. It’s an independently published quarterly magazine that seeks to amplify the voices of creatives of all kinds by focusing on the spaces they make for themselves to exercise their craft – spaces we feel aren’t being talked about enough.

The zine was dreamt up in summer, 2015 by photographer Jazzlyn Stone and writer Caitlyn Edson – dear friends with a shared love of small press, feminism, and art. Together, we conduct interviews with artists from Seattle and beyond; Jazzlyn captures moments spent in the make spaces of painters, performers, tattooers, and photographers with her camera, and Caitlyn does the same with words.

 Jazzlyn Stone and Caitlyn Edson ~ dreamers, zinesters, friends. Photo by Kia McGinnis.

Jazzlyn Stone and Caitlyn Edson ~ dreamers, zinesters, friends. Photo by Kia McGinnis.

Within the medium of independent press, Make Space Zine strives to shine a light on phenomenal, often underrepresented artists, while simultaneously fostering a community of womxn and nonbinary creatives in the greater Seattle area. The project is not only a glimpse into the spaces artists carve out for themselves to create in, but an ongoing conversation about their work, their fears, and dreams, as well as the importance of making space for one another.

We are always looking for artists to interview for future issues, so if there’s someone you think we should work with, please feel free to drop us a line.


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