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An Exploration

Make Space Zine seeks to explore, document, and expose the creative spaces of womxn and nonbinary makers and artists in Seattle and beyond. The zine is dedicated to featuring the work and processes of creatives of all kinds by focusing on the spaces they make for themselves to exercise their craft. Make Space is a glimpse into the rooms where poems are written, clay is spun, and spells are cast. 


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A Dialogue 

It is our ongoing hope to amplify the work and voices of womxn and nonbinary artists. With this in mind, each issue of Make Space Zine is not only a glimpse into the spaces they carve out for themselves to create in, but a conversation about their art, their fears, and dreams.


"Artists will always continue to create even if there is no space. They will create the space."

— LZ Atkinson
Seattle based Florist


The Editors:


Jazzlyn Stone

For her 6th birthday, Jazzlyn Stone got a sweet, silver 35mm camera, and has been shooting ever since. She relocated to Seattle in 2011, after her car broke down in Olympia, Wa during a road trip. Jazzlyn enjoys photographing humans, and documenting the lives of those that she is inspired by.
To witness her mad Instagram game, follow her @JazzlynStone.  

Caitlyn Edson

Caitlyn Edson is a tenderhearted, inquisitive writer with a fondness for using zines to express stories and ideas, as well as to amplify the voices of womxn. Caitlyn’s writing has been featured in local independent publications including Cat Hands and Sky Mall, as well as her own self-published series Eating in Bed. In addition to her role as writer and editor of Make Space, she’s recently been focused on writing essays that center on girlhood, relationships, and self-care. Caitlyn is a Libra, a feminist, and a femme.

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Make Space Zine is a two-womxn endeavor that takes time, energy, a whole lot of love, and yes, money to operate. Your generous donation will help fund the creation of the physical zine, as well as go towards funding Seattle-based small press events and Make Space Zine-hosted community initiatives.